About Caster

Caster is an online social networking service for VlogCasters, PodCasters and any other original content creator and their following. Creators can post their originally produced video content to their profile on Caster for the enjoyment of their online audiences.

Headquartered in of Los Angeles CA, Caster is a platform designed to benefit the lives of our community. Creative people are free to express themselves in a way that makes a positive contribution. Community members can rest assured that Caster does not and will not allow harmful and/or false information to remain on this platform.

Safe and Responsibility

Caster is a curated platform meaning, we don't allow anything and everything to be posted siting free speech. The Caster team believes in taking our responsibility to this community seriously. We do believe in free speech AND, we also believe that we cannot use that as an excuse to ignore our responsibility as a publisher and allow harmful content to get to be widely distributed. Therefore, Caster does not allow nor will it profit from content that is false or harmful and we will quickly remove it from this platform. That will allow the content within the community to remain trusted. There are plenty of outlets on the internet that allow false and/or harmful content on their platform. Caster is not one of them.

We at Caster are committed to a safe and friendly environment that makes a positive contribution to the lives of our community members and doesn't contribute to the countless false information available on the internet.

Caster creators are encouraged to remove hateful and negative comments that are posted on their content.

Caster as a platform does not allow and will remove content that includes (but not limited to)

  • False, hateful, harmful, racist, misleading and/or destructive
  • False or misleading advertising
  • Disinformation
  • Fake news
  • Deep fake media (video or photo)
  • Third party copyrighted content posted without written permission from the copyright holder.

All advertisers are thoroughly researched and verified before appearing on Caster.

If you see content that is verifiably false or harmful, please use the "Report to" feature on that content and if we agree, that content will be removed.