Freelancer service providers use Caster to broadcast descriptions of their services. Caster will distribute that content to potential customers. Synergies between creators on Caster allow for organic cross promotion referral traffic to discover and purchase your services. Brands can accelerate their growth by sponsoring others for rapid exposure to new potential customers.

FreeLancers create detailed video descriptions and reviews of their individual services. Audience can then view detailed descriptions of the services they are considering purchasing. Each video allows for direct links to directly purchase the freelancers service.

Benefits of broadcasting promotional videos for your gigs on Caster

  • Showcase your services in video form to prospective customers
  • Link all of your videos on Caster to the gig purchase page on your freelancer platfrom
  • Receive advertising income from your content
  • Receive free advertising credits to promote your videos to potential customers.
  • Build a following to encourage repeat customers.

    How to succeed with Caster:

    1. Create video and photo content on Caster
      • Record/Upload up to 10 minute video descriptions of each of your gigs/services.
        • Link that video to the purchase page on your freelancer platform.
    2. Share direct access to your content
      • Share videos on social media
      • Embed your UserCard on website.

    Dont have a video descrition of your services? Caster has many freelancer script writers, voice over artists and animators that will create all of your marketing videos.

    As audiences discover different product and service providers on Caster, your business will benefit with new audiences. Purchases can then be made directly on your freelancer platform


    • Share your content on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...).
    • Become a Sponsor and promote your product/service to a larger audience.

    In addition to a growth in your sales, all freelancers automatically receive all the benefits of being (including advertising income and profit sharing) a Creator on Caster.