Online Retailers use Caster to broadcast descriptions of their brand. Caster will distribute that content to potential customers.

Brands create detailed video descriptions and reviews of their individual products. Each video allows for direct links to that product on your business website.

Businesses place a link to their Caster content on their business website. Their audience can then view detailed descriptions of the products they are considering purchasing. Complementary businesses on Caster will be introduced to your products and services. Viewers can then click through to make their purchase.

How to succeed with Caster:

  1. Create video and photo content on Caster
    • Upload video descriptions of each of your products and/or services.
    • Upload Photos of your product.
      • Link that photo to your video product description
  2. Link your website to your Caster.
    • Optional - Embed your UserCard on your website.
  3. Link your Caster content to your website.
    • Link photos to its corresponding Video
    • Link every video to the purchase page of that product on your website.

As audiences discover different product and service providers on Caster, your business will benefit from traffic. Purchases can then be made directly on your website or affiliate product purchase link.


  • Share your content on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...).
  • Become a Sponsor and promote your product/service to a larger audience.