You’re opinionated. You have a lot to say about the products and services you like. Making money online as a professional product reviewer can seem difficult, but Caster it easy.

Why Caster for Reviewers?

Over 62% of people search for reviews online before deciding to purchase a product. This is your chance to help them make their decision AND make money while doing it WITH a guaranteed commission! Never has it been this easy to make money by reviewing products you love. With the opportunity to trigger multiple streams of income – and without being bombarded by distracting and irrelevant videos – Caster is THE video review platform alternative that just makes sense.

Benefits of broadcasting your reviews on Caster

  • Receive income from your affiliate link
  • Receive income from Advertising when other creators sponsor you.
  • Receive free advertising credits to promote your videos on Caster
    • FREE Advertising credits are awarded for uploading and sharing your videos outside of Caster

Caster offers creator reviewers 5 different ways to monitize your reviews

  • Affilate Link - Each video can direct viewers to purchase through your affiliate link.
  • General - General advertising on your content.
  • Direct sponsorship - Brands can sponsor your channel. Advertisers on Caster pay creators a fee to be the exclusive (within Caster) sponsor on all of that creators content for a fixed period of time.
  • Category - Sponsors pay all creators within a category (Animators, Reviewers, Graphic Designers etc...) to have their ad appear on every channel within that category. Creators split that fee proportional to the number of unique views of that sponsors ad.
  • Targeted - Sponsors pay creators a fee to have their ad shown only to specific viewers that fit within a demographic.

How Does Caster Work for Reviewers?

If your video reviews simply aren’t getting enough exposure, register as a Caster creator and immediately start earning profits from your video reviews.

  1. Create an account on Caster
  2. Record/Upload your best videos describing the product or service in as much detail as possible.
    • Attach your affiliate link to the product purchase link below your video (like Amazon).
  3. Share your video on social media
  4. Caster does the rest!

The best part? You earn guaranteed commission on every product that sells through your link.

But that’s not all – your commission is further bolstered by advertising income. That’s right – with Caster, ad income is a bonus, earning you additional income with no additional effort.

If you know you have the energy and personality to inspire people to buy the products you believe in, then don’t delay. Become a Caster reviewer today and share the spirit of your favorite products and services.

Don't want to be on camera? Have one of the freelancers on Caster animate your scripted review.