Caster offers creators 4 different ways to monetize their content and time

  • Direct sponsorship - Individuals (or brands) can sponsor your channel. Other Caster creators will bid on the exclusive rights (within Caster) to display their ads on your content for at least one day.
    • Bonus offers" - Select from various bonus items to offer your potential sponsor/fan to entice them into bidding on your calendar day.
  • Referral Link - Link each video/photo to an external product for purchase or to your creator profile on a different platform.
  • Category - Sponsors pay all creators within a category (Cosmetics, Skin Care, Fitness, Travel etc...) to have their ad appear on every channel within that category. Creators split that fee proportional to the number of unique views of that sponsors ad.
  • Targeted - Sponsors pay creators a fee to have their ad shown only to specific viewers that fit within a demographic.

Want to grow your following on other platforms?
  1. Create a Caster account
  2. 3 times a week, upload 10 second to 10 minute videos to Caster.
  3. Link each video to your content outside of Caster
  4. Introduce your content to the following of another Caster creator by sponsoring them for as little as 1.00.
Sponsoring will display your custom (or system default) ads which will introduce other audiences to your content. As audiences discover your content on Caster, they can click through to your profiles on other platforms. Watch your following grow fast.