Frequently Asked Questions

What is Caster?
Caster is a social networking community for creators of original content and their following.

How is Caster different than other media sharing platforms?

  • Original Creators
  • Caster is a community that broadcasts only ORIGINAL high quality content. Each Caster creator will only broadcast content their own content. No unauthorized 3rd party or copyrighted content is allowed.

  • Sponsorships
  • Caster offers creators 4 different ways to monetize their content.
    • General - General advertising on your content.
    • Direct - Sponsors pay creators a fee to be the exclusive (within Caster) sponsor on all of that creators content for a period of time.
    • Category - Sponsors pay all creators within a category (Cosmetics, Skin Care, Fitness, Travel etc...) to have their ad appear on every channel within that category. Creators split that fee proportional to the number of unique views of that sponsors ad.
    • Targeted - Sponsors pay creators a fee to have their ad shown only to specific viewers that fit within a demographic.

  • Advertising
  • All advertisers are be verified to insure no harmful or misleading advertising will ever appear on Caster.

  • Safe and Respectful community standards
  • Caster is a safe and positive community. Content or comments that promotes harm or violates our Community Guidelines will be quickly removed.

Why should creators broadcast on Caster vs other video sharing platforms?
View Become a creator to see why creators benefit more on Caster.

How can I become a creator on Caster?
Click Here to create your account. Upload content and build your following. Once you achieve 10 fans, you will immediately receive an invitation to be a creative partner. You will then quality to be sponsored by our advertisers.

How do creators get paid?
Creators must have a PayPal account. At the end of every sponsor day, Caster will deposit half the sponsor fee into your Caster wallet. From there, creators can withdraw the funds to their PayPal account.

Who are Fans?

Fans are those that follow you.

Who are the Top 10?
The Top creators list is where you will find the most popular creators on Caster. The top 10 are displayed on each page of Caster in the top menu bar. You can view 11+ by clicking More. This list changes as the popularity of each creator changes. This list is made up of authentic Fans. Bot/fake/dead accounts are excluded to ensure fair and accurate positioning for all.

Is there support for Creators
Yes. Once a creator achieves 10 fans, you will quality to monetize your content and start receiving sponsorships. You will then see an additional help menu only viable to content creators as well as live chat support 6AM - 8PM PST.