Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Caster?

    Caster is a video sharing platform for VlogCasters, PodCasters and their following.

    How is Caster different than existing social platforms?

    Caster is a community that promotes high quality ORIGINAL content. Each Caster Creator will only broadcast content they create or have written permission from the copyright holder. No unauthorized 3rd party or copyrighted content is allowed.

    Caster also requires all advertisers to be verified to insure no fake or misleading advertising will ever appear on Caster.

    Caster is also a safe and postive community. Hate speech or any content that promotes violence or hatred against individuals will be removed.

    Why should creators broadcast on Caster?

    Caster has passive tools that will grow your following. All you have to do is share some of your content outside of Caster and we do the rest.

    How to become a Creator on Caster?

    Once you achieve 1000 fans, you will immediately receive an invitation to be a creative partner. You will then quality to be sponsored by our advertisers.

    Who are Fans?

    Fans are those that follow a Creator.

    Who are the Top 10?

    The Top 10 are the most popular Creator on Caster. This list changes as the popularity of each Creator changes. This list is made up of authentic Fans. Bot/fake/dead accounts are removed to ensure fair and accurate positioning for all.

    Is there support for Creators

    Yes. Once a creator achieves 1000 followers, you will quality to monetize your content and start receiving sponsorships. You will then see an additional help menu only viable to content creators as well as live chat support 6AM - 8PM PST.

    Are there more creator features coming?

    Yes. Very soon, additional features will soon be released that are designed to further support your brand and creativity. Including (but not limited to:)

    • Live streaming
    • Direct financial support/gifts/tips from followers
    • Allocate some or all of the revenue generated from your content to be redirected to your favorite charity (mainly used by celebrities and charities).

    Can I make suggestions on how Caster can be better?

    Yes. Caster is always evolving and very interested in your feedback on how we can be better for you. Please Contact Us with your suggestions. If we agree, your suggestion will be implemented.